Information Management System

Welcome to the Information Management System. This differs from the other scenes we have produced in that it allows the user to gather and organise large amounts of information together in one place and organise them in a logical format. In this instance they are arranged around a map, although they could be presented in other configurations, for example, a timeline of events.

Please browse through the scenes by clicking on the blue dots on the map or the small photos in the right-hand corner. You can move the view around by using the arrows or by clicking on the map and dragging your pointer in the direction you wish to view. You can also zoom in and out for more detail. The blue circles within the pictures with the picture of the magnifying glass will display close-up shots of the evidence with a textual description if you click on them. Click ‘back to tour’ or on the map to return to the main frame. Within some of the scenes, there is a tab above the text which will show you a PDF file of various documents, e.g. the autopsy report.

 Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions
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