Recommended Texts:



The Practical Methodology of Forensic Photography by David R. Redsicker and Vernon Geberth.


Discusses the "how-to" of basic photography, shows the essentials of videography, and offers the fundamentals of aerial, underwater, and surveillance photography as they relate to the presentation of evidence in court. A learning tool for the student of this specialized field and a necessary reference manual for the professional community. Useful in the classroom, laboratory, and legal library as it is in the field during investigation. The subject matter is presented and accompanied by illustrations and numerous examples as a medium against which practitioners can compare their work. The glossary of terms provided at the end of the book is beneficial to the forensic photographer in the preparation of reports and courtroom testimony. More details




Forensic Digital Imaging and Photography by Herbert L. Blitzer and Jack Jacobia.


Covers each facet of digital imaging-how to select equipment, when to use it, how to produce a good image, and how to present that image in court. It clarifies the difference between what can be done digitally and what should be done in a forensic setting. The images and exercises in the accompanying CD-ROM provide practical examples of the techniques described in the book. More details





Crime Scene Investigation And Reconstruction by Robert R. Ogle


Provides clear guidelines for crime scene investigation, giving concrete methodologies for effective and efficient investigation of crime scenes. Includes seperate and detailed sections on reconstruction and forensic photography. Clear and concise with diagramatic explanations and a comprehensive glossary. More details







Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation by Barry Fisher



Examines concepts, field-tested techniques and procedures, and technical information concerning crime scene investigation. It has been widely adopted by police academies, community colleges, and universities. Written in an easy-to-read style, this comprehensive text offers up-to-date technical expertise that the author has developed over many years in law enforcement. Includes check-off lists, case studies, and 16 pages of full-color illustrated photos. Also included is an appendix on equipment for crime scene investigations. More details




Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook by Henry C. Lee, Timothy Palmbach, and Marilyn T. Miller


Outlines proven methods to help you collect and process physical evidence correctly, analyze it thoroughly, and understand its relevance to the case involved. It evaluates the newest chemical and instrumental techniques, and covers new areas such as forensic analysis of computers and advanced shooting scene reconstruction methods. This must-have guide is enhanced with dozens of color photographs, logic trees, check lists, worksheets, and case studies. Covers in detail how to manage a crime scene, collect information, search for, collect, and preserve physical evidence, conduct field tests, and reconstruct a sequence of events. More details




Crime Scene to Court: The Essentials of Forensic Science by P.C. White (Editor)


Aimed at non-scientists, or those with limited scientific knowledge, Crime Scene to Court covers all three main areas of an investigation where forensic science is practised, namely the scene of the crime, the forensic laboratory and the court. Coverage includes details of how crime scene and forensic examinations are conducted in the United Kingdom, the principles of crime scene investigations and the importance of this work in an investigation, and courtroom procedures and the role of the expert witness. The latest methods and techniques used in crime scene investigation and forensic laboratories are reported, cases are presented to illustrate why and how examinations are performed to generate forensic evidence and there is a bibliography for each chapter which provides further material for those readers wishing to delve deeper into the subject. More details


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